Facebook Removes Breast Cancer Survivor's Scar Photos

by: cancercompass

Anna Antell modeled for a photography exhibition showcasing the effects of cancer. The breast cancer survivor had her black and white photo shown at the swanky Malmaison Hotel Oxford in the United Kingdom. She is shown, topless, exposing her mastectomy scars.

Antell decided to post the exhibited photograph on her Facebook profile for friends and family to see. What she didn't expect was Facebook to remove the photograph because of its "offensive" nature.

"What they have done makes me more cross the more I think about it," Antell told the U.K publication Daily Mail. "It's basically saying we are offensive. The way I see it, cancer is offensive, Facebook is offensive but these images are not. Would the image have been removed if it showed a man with a scar on his chest?"

A Facebook spokesperson responded to the Daily Mail claiming that although Antell's photograph reflects a worthy cause, it does not follow Facebook's guidelines, stating: "The image was removed because it contains what we categorise as nudity not because of the nature of the nudity in question."

What do you think of Facebook's actions? Do you think the social network should have removed Antell's photograph from the website?

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