Gingersnaps Hope to Uplift Cancer Patients' Spirits

by: cancercompass

Laura Stachler lost her sister to cancer many years ago. The same cancer that Laura's daughter, named Susan after Laura's deceased sister, developed seven years ago. To make matters worse, Laura's husband was also diagnosed with cancer at the time.

"Now my husband, now it's my child," Laura told CBS News. "It's too much. I can't do it."

Overwhelmed, Laura turned to baking. And she focused on one cookie in particular - gingersnaps.

Ginger is believed to be a natural stomach soother, and nausea can be a side effect during cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Laura and her daughter, who has been cancer free for six years, started a business based on these gingersnaps and called it Susansnaps, after Laura's sister. The business duo often drop off decorated bags of Susansnaps' cookies to their local hospitals and talk to cancer patients.

"It's almost overwhelming," Susan told CBS News. "People will call and say 'It's the only thing I can eat'."

Have you ever tried Susansnaps? What foods, if any, help or have helped you with nausea during cancer treatments?