San Francisco Passes Cell Phone Radiation Law

by: cancercompass

The tech-savvy city of San Francisco wants to know how much radiation is being emitted from cell phones. And with the passing of a cell phone radiation disclosure law this week, the Bay Area's wireless cellular retailers must post the 'specific absorption rate' (SAR) on cell phone packaging.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has been a strong proponent of the law. Back in December 2009, he and Maine legislator Andrea Boland were the leaders in the development of warning their constituents about the potential hazards of cell phone use - like brain cancer.

However, studies regarding the adverse effects of cell phone radiation are inconclusive. Some studies have even reported that cell phone radiation is good for Alzheimer’s.

“It’s information that’s out there if you’re willing to look hard enough,” Tony Winnicker, a spokesman for Mayor Newsom, told The New York Times. “And we think that for the consumer for whom this is an area of concern, it ought to be easier to find.”

What are your thoughts regarding San Francisco's new law? Would you like to know the SAR when buying a cell phone?

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