Study: Most Countries Sympathetic Toward Lung Cancer Patients

by: cancercompass

A new multi-national study commissioned by The Global Lung Cancer Coalition to discover attitudes toward lung cancer found that most countries reject the idea that they are less sympathetic toward those with the disease.

Research company Ipsos MORI conducted the survey in 16 countries, which included: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the USA.

The study found that 29 percent of Australians and 28 percent of Brazilians were less sympathetic toward those with lung cancer. Those two countries were ranked the least sympathetic nations among the 16 surveyed countries. Conversely, only ten percent of Argentineans had less sympathy towards those with lung cancer, which was the lowest of all surveyed countries.

What are your thoughts regarding this study?

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