Roger Ebert Dons New Facial Prosthesis

by: cancercompass

America's most famous film critic didn't let cancer get in the way of his profession. Through multiple surgeries and treatments for cancer, Roger Ebert no longer has his lower jaw and is unable to speak. However, he has continued to watch films and give his critiques in the Chicago Sun-Times and other publications.

And now, Ebert will once again return to TV. Well known as the co-host of Siskel & Ebert, and Ebert & Roeper, the film critic recently received a facial prosthesis. He will wear the prosthesis on his new show - "Ebert Presents at the Movies” - which begins January 21st on public TV stations across the United States.

"After surgery, I studiously avoided looking at myself in a mirror. In my mind my face was still whole. This was not the case," Ebert notes in the Chicago Sun-Times. "I will wear the prosthesis on the new television show. That's not to fool anyone, because my appearance is widely known. It will be used in a medium shot of me working in my office, and will be a pleasant reminder of the person I was for 64 years."

Will you tune-in to watch Ebert's new show?