Lung Cancer Goes Beyond Smoking

by: cancercompass

An article published in The Washington Post on Tuesday discusses the stigma that can be associated with being a lung cancer patient, and how smoking can overshadow the disease.

Many lung cancer activists believe that anti-smoking campaigns are not enough to decrease development rates.

"We have a public-health epidemic that cannot be addressed with stop-smoking alone," Laurie Fenton-Ambrose, president and chief executive of the Lung Cancer Alliance, told The Washington Post."No one deserves this disease."

We've written before about the level of sympathy countries across the globe feel for lung cancer patients - or lack there of, because many believe the disease is preventable.

"Current lung cancer rates reflect past smoking levels, since lung cancer can take many years, even decades, to develop. Up to 85 percent of cases are linked to smoking, medical experts say, although sometimes the cause is unknown and secondhand smoke, radon and asbestos are also culprits," the article notes.

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