Study: No Pressing Issue with Cell Phone Use and Brain Cancer Risk

by: cancercompass

Cancer Compass has written several blog posts about the controversial concerns of cell phones and brain cancer development. According to the latest study, which was published in the journal Bio Electro Magnetics, the results found no immediate concerns of brain cancer development because of cell phone usage.

"There is an ongoing controversy about whether radio frequency (RF) exposure from mobile phones increases the risk of brain cancer. However, given the widespread use and nearly two decades elapsing since mobile phones were introduced, an association should have produced a noticeable increase in the incidence of brain cancer by now," the study concludes.

Some districts in the United States have been so concerned about the potential risk of cell phones and brain cancer development that they've instituted laws that require cell phone manufacturers to post RF levels on packaging.

What do you think of the latest news regarding cell phones and brain cancer development? Do you use your cell phone any less because of it?

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