Breast Cancer Survivor Turns Medication Into Jewelry

by: cancercompass

The Los Angeles Times published an interesting article Tuesday about breast cancer survivor Susan Braig. Now that Susan’s cancer is in remission and has not metastasized, she claims that she is in a mountain of medical bill debt.

"I bought my first round of medicine and it cost $500 out of my own pocket," she said. "I looked at the drugstore receipt and then at the little pills and wondered if they were precious gems."

This thought helped Braig launch her jewelry line, Designer Drug Jewelry. The cancer survivor uses donated, old or expired medications, and turns them into costume jewelry. She says she uses the money from the sales of the jewelry to help offset her medical bill debt.

What do you do with your old or expired cancer medications? Do you use them in creative ways like Susan Braig? What do you think of Designer Drug Jewelry? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.