Study: Flyers Shouldn't Fear Cancer Risk of Airport Scanners

by: cancercompass

According to a new study published in the latest online issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, airplane passengers should not be concerned with the radiation doses they receive when going through airport full-body scanners.

Cancer Compass has written previously about the potential concerns regarding airport scanner radiation emissions.

"Based on what is known about the scanners, passengers should not fear going through the scans for health reasons, as the risks are truly trivial," according to the report. "If individuals feel vulnerable and are worried about the radiation emitted by the scans, they might reconsider flying altogether since most of the small, but real, radiation risk they will receive will come from the flight and not from the exceedingly small exposures from the scans."

The study claims that of the 750 million airplane passengers per year, six cancers over the lifetime of these flyers could result from airport backscatter scans.

What do you think of this new study? Does it confirm what you already believed? Do you now feel more comfortable going through an airport scanner?