Study: Lower BPA Intake by Cutting Out Canned Foods

by: cancercompass

According to a new study by the Breast Cancer Fund, lowering one's exposure to the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is as simple as eating less canned and/or plastic-wrapped foods.

"Forgoing packaged foods such as canned soups and vegetables could dramatically lower levels of a hormone-disrupting chemical that has been linked to myriad health problems, including birth defects, autism and reproductive issues," according to a Breast Cancer Fund news release.

Some studies have linked BPA to breast cancer and prostate cancer development.

"Our study provides clear and compelling evidence that food packaging is the major source of exposure to BPA and DEHP,” Ruthann Rudel, lead author of the study, stated in the news release. “The study shows that a fresh-food diet reduces levels of these chemicals in children and adults by half, after just three days."

According to Los Angeles Times, BPA can be found in clear, shatterproof plastics like baby bottles, liners of metal cans, and food-storage containers.

What do you think of this new study? Will you avoid canned foods or plastic containers?