Teen Bone Cancer Patient Granted Wish by U.S. Army

by: cancercompass

Sixteen-year-old bone cancer patient Christopher McNally received orders from the United States Army to report to Fort Benning, Ga., made possible by the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

McNally's dream is to be in the military, which helped him overcome the obstacles during cancer treatment.

"It was pretty much the military that got him through chemo - that whole motto 'stay strong,'" McNally's Mother, Eva Gajewski, said in a press release. "He's probably not going to be able to serve, but they allowed him to be a Soldier for a week and that's an absolute wish come true. That was his dream, to be in the military."

McNally had a great time learning the ropes of basic training, and participating in a day-in-the-life of a new soldier.

"Probably nothing in my life will ever match this, unless I actually get into the military," McNally said. "I'm being treated like an honorary member. I kind of just asked to come here - do an obstacle course, shoot a few guns, get sent home. I underestimated 100 percent. With all they've done for me, it's incredible."