Keeping Memories Alive

by: cancercompass

Last weekend, the husband of my mother’s best friend lost his battle with brain cancer. About a year and a half ago, doctors gave him about six months to live, and he fought as hard as he could and ended up tripling the length of the prognosis.

Of course my parents knew him much better than I did, but he was a devoted husband, father of two and a respected ophthalmologist. He also recently became a grandfather, and we are all thankful that he held on long enough to see both his children get married, as well as give birth.

It’s certainly a sad way to start the New Year for his family, but at the very least they will know that he is no longer in pain. His diagnosis came rather suddenly, and it was at the point where there was nothing that his doctors could do.

A few months after our friend began his journey, a tumor was also found in the foot of his newborn grandchild. Luckily, the tumor was benign and easily removed, and the newborn child would not have to go through the same pain that was afflicting his grandfather at the same time. Also, our friend had lived a full and successful life, while the baby was just coming into the world.

I don’t mean to bring the mood down on CancerCompass today, but it is moments like these that really make you want to hug someone you love and hold on tight. My parents are currently on their way to Cleveland for their friend’s funeral, while my husband and I are caring for their dog. It’s always an adjustment to spend the weekend as a two-canine house, but it allows us to not be alone with our thoughts, as well as make ourselves useful in some small way.

To all those who are still fighting the fight, I wish you well in 2012 and hope that you win. While I don’t want to mention our friend's name in an effort to respect his family's privacy, my thoughts are with his family - and every other family that is currently mourning - as they move on to the next chapter of their lives and keep the loved one's memory alive.