What Would You Do for a Great Cause?

by: cancercompass

Last week, singer Kellie Pickler shaved her head in honor of a dear friend who is battling breast cancer. If you don’t know the name, Pickler was a contestant on American Idol a few years back, and has gone on to have a successful country career of her own. She may not be a household name, but as a public figure her appearance (and by extension her hair) is a huge part of her career.

Hair loss is a common side effect from chemotherapy, which is often used as a part of a cancer treatment plan. Since Pickler knew her friend might lose her hair, the two both decided to proactively shave off their locks first.

Though hair will always grow back, it is still a brave decision to shave it all off and deal with the responses (or stares) you might receive from the public. This is true for anyone, but there is a new dimension added if you are someone that often performs in front of large crowds or makes many TV appearances. In addition to showing support for a loved one, the visual reminder allows Pickler to discuss her new ‘do, and raise more awareness. 

You can see from Ms. Pickler’s picture that a beautiful face like hers can certainly handle a severe hairstyle like this. Honestly, her friend looks pretty remarkable as well without hair. The fact that these women look gorgeous with or without hair doesn’t make their brave efforts any less admirable, they just got a little lucky.

Pickler’s actions really got me thinking about the wonderful things we do for others to show support. I enjoy running in races in the summer, and my husband has been present at every single race in which I’ve participated. Even if it means getting up at 5 in the morning on a Sunday and standing in the hot sun or cold rain for two hours, he’ll be there for me. These are very different situations, but it warms the heart to think about all the ways that people truly can love and support each other in their time of need.

What ways have you shown support for someone you love, or to highlight a great cause? Please let us know in the comments!