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AHA: Be Thankful for Cranberries' Health Benefits All Year Long

No respectable Thanksgiving plate is without some form of cranberry, but the fruit's popularity seems to plummet the other 364 days of the year.



Are Food Additives Good or Bad? Consumer Views Vary

Many Americans believe they face health risks from food additives, but plenty of others think that additives in small amounts won't harm them, a new survey finds.



As Vaping Became Popular Among Young, Smoking Rates Fell

The advent of the e-cigarette appears to have spurred a huge drop in tobacco smoking rates among teenagers and young adults, a new study claims.



Vapers May Prompt Smokers to Quit: Study

Could vapers be a good influence on smokers?



FDA Will Ban Many Flavored E-Cigarettes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will soon announce a ban on sales of most flavored electronic cigarettes in retail stores and gas stations across the United States, according to media reports.

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