Scientists At Mayo Clinic College Of Medicine Describe Research In Colon Cancer

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Fresh data on colon cancer are presented in the report 'Chromosome missegregation causes colon cancer by APC loss of heterozygosity.' A longstanding hypothesis in the field of cancer biology is that aneuploidy causes cancer by promoting loss of chromosomes that contain tumor suppressor genes. By crossing aneuploidyprone Bub1 hypomorphic mice onto a heterozygous null background for p53, we provided conclusive evidence for this idea.


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Thu Jul 08, 2010 01:32 AM

My daughter-in-law ate 36 just died of colon cancer that had metataize to the liver. She lived almost 2 years.We have her records, if anyone doctor would like to review them .There must be something more to do for people, especially ones that couldn;t get insurance.  Myrtle C

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