Chronic Pain Part of Life for Many Americans, Survey Finds

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Experts call this a serious, unaddressed public health issue



Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:54 PM

A good many people do not bother chasing pain issues because there appears to be no help out there. I live with 24/7 pain. I heard many lines of bull about all the wonderful pain management programs. 99% of them are little more than glorified tylenol. Fentanyl they claim is so powerful and does so much good is 100% useless. The only relief I get is very little and it comes from Lyrica at a cost of $300 per month. I am about to give it up because I cannot afford to pay so much for so very  little. I have tried 6 doctors who all have the same answer "I don't know"  $175 for a  doctor visit to hear I don't know. So where is the mystery of why people do not waste time and money on pain?

Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:32 PM

I'm experiencing the situation of constant pain and will be following up with my Doctors.  I want a candid discussion as being as cancer survivor and 7 years later, I have a very difficult time.  I will discuss a program for control of pain and also for depression, anxiety, which can be be causing pain.  I will be open and looking for answers and perhaps a program to address both possible issues, as I can't continue ignoring the pain, sleepless nights etc. I can only hope for some relief, however will not give up as there must be some available treatments.  Been there once in my battle of addiction  from Oxycontin, but I choose to get off with the help of Doctors.  I'm prepared for the addiction if need be; if it gives me relief and will deal with what side affects come down the road.  Not going to give up. davidtim

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