Cancer Cells May Be Able to Urge Their Own Death

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Study suggests that harnessing this trait could improve treatments



Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:59 PM

As a (an aged) scientist in production horticulture, I've taken the hard road to learn about caring for my own body, not the least being cardiac events from age 53. For the past seven years, by choice, I have been (totally) medication free (14 months past a double by-pass). Plant nutrition can be complexed. I had to learn that the human body is far more so, as the negative inputs are extreme. It is what I have termed as our `Environmental load'. Simplistic? Maybe. But unless we get back to learning about the greater impact of modern day living, we will always be travelling, health wise, behind the eight ball.  I know of people who have had their shrinking tumors confirmed medically, moving into remission, and all they have focused on has been maximising the fuel input to their bodies. Could there be a relationship between building up the immune system with certain types of nutritional supplements (most preparations are formulated by theory, rather than by careful, established science and logic)? We are now seeing the same trend in plant and animal science/practice. Maybe there is a link here.

Sun Jan 02, 2011 02:40 AM

Hi, I grow my own chikens, it takes me 1 year to grow one to 2 LBS. with very good foods hormone free.

Our chiken producers do the same in 6 weeks!! Good luck to all of us. Charles Tosi

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