Yoga's Spiritual Balance May Boost Health

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Science is starting to reveal proven benefits for a range of maladies



Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:04 PM

If yoga has effect on cancer I am beginning to believe it's because of circulation. A woman who has a web site about natural blood thinners pointed out that there is some data out there somewhere that people taking blood thinners have less cancer. Now I may not be saying this right or even telling the right story ! but in my head is that theory... and so yoga was appealing to me because the organs sit on each other and on tendons and muscles, so it seems logical that there are 'spots' that don't get blood, just because of things sitting on them - or tightened muscles squeezing them close together. That also made an inversion board interesting to me for the reason that it allows organs to move up and free up blood flow, at least I think it does, I haven't read anything about it. I get no spiritual benefit from yoga but when I release the hold I notice blood flowing to the spot that was tense and I wonder if that spot had blood flow before.

Just a thought.


Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:56 PM

I have prostate cancer and follwing treatn\ment I wake up sweating every night,

Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:02 AM

My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in June 2008. After losing a lot of weight (muscle mass) then gaining it back and an additional 40 pounds (not muscle mass), losing flexibility, he was in bad shape when were done with the major medical intervention. Charlie horses, muscle spasms, insomnia, fatigue, weakness. I had the fortunate opportunity where a friend's daughter asked to live with me over the summer. In lieu of rent I asked her to work with Dave. She was a newly certified Yoga Instructor. She jumped on the opportunity to work with Dave. She was able to modify the poses and by the end of the summer he was up to 30 minutes and full poses. Insomnia handled, muscle spasms dramatically reduced, flexibility improved, stamina increased... All really good stuff! While he has no physical restrictions, because Myeloma is a bone marrow cancer he hasn't wanted to do stuff that pound on his bones. Yoga was PERFECT! I highly recommend it. Some are in physical rehab centers now and it is fast moving into an acceptable rehab with insurance coverage! There are many different approaches to Yoga so don't give up if you don't like one instructor's approach.

Fri Jan 28, 2011 06:43 PM

Unbelievable timing, this article arrived just at the perfect moment for me as I was booked in to start my first Yoga class today. I  was so tired from this weeks chemo that I was contemplating staying in bed until I got this cancercompass email! Thank you universe for sending me encouragement at the perfect time! I have stage 4 cancer of colon + mets to Liver and my oncologist recently referred me for palliative care and a visit to the hospice. I decided to stuff that and joined the gym instead where I will be doing gentle exercise, Tai chi, yoga, pilates and swimming. I havent got time to be at deaths door, I feel great and am determined to prove my oncologist wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed yoga today and felt invigorated by the whole mind body experience. I was also pleasantly surprised to find I could do it all without problems.I would recommend it! Good luck everyone. Sending love and healing to all of us.

Sat Jan 29, 2011 01:39 AM

I am in awe of all the people on this site who have through so much and have so much strengh to keep going. I am a 61 year old woman diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian cancer in November 2010. I had two giant tumors on both ovaries which were removed in December, along with my omentum, fallopian tubes, but not my uterus as it was quite shrunken following my two caesareans years ago. Unfortunately the doctor could not get all of the cancer out, and some remains in the peritonuem, some lymph nodes and the surface of the large intestine. I am enouraged that my CA-125 has gone down from 264 to 21 in three months, but I know it could fluctuate. I just finished my third chemo, but dread each course, as I know that it is so very toxic. I am doing a lot of alternative therapies to try to offest the effects of the chemo. Acupuncture, healers, energy therapies, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, eating organically, seeing a naturpath have all allowed me to have some control over this disease. I am a very anxious perosn, however, and now need to look for a yoga and meditation class. I only hope that I have the will and spirit to fight this disease and live long enough to see my greadson graduate from High School!

Wed Feb 09, 2011 06:24 PM

Thank you, Cancer Compass, for a great article. A yoga class which does not emphasize breathing and meditation may be good for increasing flexibility and strength, but it fails to address the cancer patient's need to develop the capacity for deep relaxation and the ability to stop the "chitter-chatter" in one's mind which can be very destructive. If you avail yourself of the type of yoga instruction that this article describes, you will control the release of stress hormones which are proven to stimulate tumor growth and more. I have found that meditation, guided imagery and affirmations are all tools that work together with the practice of yoga and other forms of exercise to release stress. You might like to read my blogs on The Mind and the Body, and Affirmations for a Strong Immune System. Peace to you!

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