Most Americans Seem to Have Healthy Levels of Vitamin D

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Government study finds 8 percent deficient in needed nutrient



Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:05 PM

After completing chemo and radiation 9 mnths later my vit d dropped to 12.  The doc prescribed 50,000 units twice a week. After taking only one pill I suffered severe gastric distress within 12 hours of the dose and did not take any more.  I promptly saw the prescribing doc and the doc did not seem to think the problem was related to the vit d, but prior to taking the vit d I was doing great after recovery from whipple surgery in May 2010.  An endoscopy was ordered and revealed a swollen stomach and irritation at the end of the esophagus.  I am on meds for this condition and will not be taking anything else without doing thorough research.  The dose prescribed was far too much for a person age 78 that  already has  weakened liver and kidneys  from chemo and radiation.  

Sat Apr 16, 2011 05:34 AM

"Nearly two-thirds of U.S. residents have sufficient levels of vitamin D levels" That statement and this article are laughable if they weren't such egregious examples of misinformation."  And we wonder why a lot of the American public doesn't know truth from fiction when it comes to their health. 

To start with, the Federal Government is one of the last sources on which we should rely for accurate information on health. If you want reliable information, you must go to the experts in the field, in this country, and worldwide. The experts on Vitamin D show conclusively that the Government recommended levels of Vitamin D are woefully low, and almost laughable.

Humans evolved near the equator, wearing little clothing, where sun and Vit D are abundant year round. Our genes are programmed for sufficient Vit D. The simple fact that only 15-20 minutes in summer sun produces 10-20,000 IU Vit D, shows how laughable the Goverment daily recommended 400 IU is

The experts have shown that a blood circulation level of 50-100 ng/ml year round is optimal for human health. To achieve this, adults need to get from the sun, or supplement with, 4000-8000 IU daily, for life.

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