Steve Jobs, Visionary Leader of Apple Inc., Dies at 56

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Prognosis for his rare form of pancreatic cancer was poor



Thu Dec 08, 2011 03:10 PM

I am shocked to see that liver transplants are actually done for neuroendocrine cancer.  My doctor told me that transplants are only done if the liver has liver cancer, not metastacised cancer.  Don't know whether my 32 year old daughter would have gone for it, but she wasn't even given that option.  I'm furious.  I also don't know how Steve Jobs managed to survive seven years with this cancer.  I WISH HIS FAMILY WOULD DONATE SOME MILLIONS TO NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER RESEARCH, which is sorely in need of more attention. It usually takes the death of a famous person to get the research going...why have we not heard from the family??  If money got Steve seven years of life and my daughter only had ONE YEAR, something is really wrong in this country.



Wed Feb 29, 2012 02:39 AM

thats so true it took my husband in ten months they had to be giving hi a powerful drug and y dont the family donate why havent we heard from the family im not bitter im just wondering

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