Millions of Healthy Years of Life Lost to Cancer Worldwide

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Study findings illustrate disease's burden 'quite starkly,' author says


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Fri Oct 19, 2012 02:23 PM

Another good cancer treatment that works well is one by Rene Caisse of Canada.  Yahoo seach and type in Rene Caisse cancer cure and seek out the herbs she used and the amounts used on the green colored site.  There are only four herbs and they are cheap.  It is now a tea as it was outlawed by the Canadian Government to protect the wicked and the dead.  Anyone who will fight something like this is dead inside.  You may as well look up Hoxsey's cancer cure also while you are at it.  They had to move into Mexico because the American Murder Association as Hoxey called them close down clinics in 17 states to protect the warlord and money hogs.  The man over the AMA at the time had not passed his medical doctorial test the first time and had to take it over and had never even waited on one patient in ill health.  It wound up that Hoxsey sued him and won for slander and it cost that idiot his job.  But they were tied in with the government so tight they closed all the clinics he had and let the people die.  So if you think the government is on your side you had better think again.  They called Hoxey the Quack that cured Cancer.  That was and is more than any doctors are doing even today. 

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