New Guidelines Urge Limiting Endoscopy for GERD

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Women should not undergo routine screening, and many men don't need it either, according to American College of Physicians



Thu Dec 06, 2012 05:30 AM

This article is so off base for many reasons. Women are being diagnosed with NETS Neuroendocrine tumors/cancer/carcinoids and it is on the rise. People suffer with many side effects, including GERD, for a long time w/o being properly diagnosed. I suffer from occasional GERD and thyroid cancer. During my whole body scan for the thyroid cancer something lit up in my abdomen. This prompted me to get my first preventive colonoscopy. I asked for and paid a $250-300 copay to receive a diagnostic endoscopy as well b/c I wanted a more thorough scope done. Sure enough, during the endoscopy, a 2mm carcinoid was found in my duodenal bulb. This is cancer. So many people could get relief from tumors being removed that they don't know they harbor. Being given a script for a PPI disguises the symptoms and actually makes the body produce more hormones that can lead to more cancer. No wonder it is usually too late when certain cancers are found. It is not incredibly expensive nor wasteful...what is wasteful is the suffering and lives taken from not being able to get proper diagnostic tests. Push the meds...more money in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and perks for the doctors.

Thu Dec 06, 2012 06:59 AM

I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer when I was only 32, I personally know more women than men who are survivors of this horrific illness.  I had the attitude above, only that my then fiance now husband has crohns and he asked that his gastroenerologist to see me I would be dead my now.

38 year old female survivor and mother of an 18 and 32 month old.

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