'Watchful Waiting' Becoming More Common for Prostate Cancer Patients

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Study finds men with low-risk disease often getting monitoring over surgery, radiation, hormone therapy



Wed Jul 08, 2015 05:51 PM

This I thoroughly understand!  With stage 4, I refused surgery and radiation a couple years ago and doctors expected me dead by the end of last year. (That was the fouth time; prior was a cracked skull and seven weeks coma.) Instead I began to take graviola and turmeric. With a lot of three time experiements I learned that too much sugar and any dairy products would prevent the herbs from working, but otherwise the symptoms I had more than a year were gone in three weeks.

Of course it is possible surgery may allow another year or two in my life if nothing else happens, but the effects of that is not worth living. I have no objection to dying today instead of other treatment doctors are trained for this cause.

Fri Jul 10, 2015 02:42 PM

YEs, in the case of my father a Stage 4 Porstate cancer and he is 72 years old ...He didnt go for radiation, opration and chemo...he just change her life style hes PSA last february 27,2015 is 28.25 ng/ml then after 3 months it run down to 9.65 ng/ml it is still extremely abnormal but we hope after 3 months hes PSA down to .1 - 2.6 ng/ml which is the normal count. We use 4life Transfer Factor. It help him ...and he is okey now ...

Mon Jul 13, 2015 08:54 PM

Prostate cancer is the worst nightmare ever, I lost some of my friends because of it.

Thu Aug 06, 2015 05:07 AM

I was diagnosed with a gleason 6 cancer in 2010 and was conned into a robotic prostatectomy;

To date I suffered the following;

  1. damaged urethra from poor catheterisation technique

  2. Torn right hip ligaments from the steep trendelenburg positioning

  3. Pudendal nerve damage

  4. urinary tract, bladder and kidney infection

  5. incisional hernia - repaired

  6. nerve entrapment from hernia repair

  7. Diastasis recti

  8. Right hand stomach wall muscle atrophy, possible effect from a very large hernia repair

  9. surgical clip migration next to the left uteric jet – removed

  10. Surgical clip migration in the trigone area – not resolved and bulging the bladder wall affecting bladder filling signal. Mostly milder bladder pain similar to the pain associated with the other surgical clip.

  11. Surgical clip migration through the bowel wall (excreted)

  12. Urge and stress incontinence – permanent

  13. Impotent – shim score 8/25

  14. Prostate cancer recurrence – not resolved and will be fatal

All the above was direct result of robotic surgery...

Wish watchful waiting was my option..


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