Common Treatment for Early Prostate Cancer May Carry Heart Risk

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Hormone-suppressing regimen may raise odds for heart failure, but it brings benefits, too, researchers say


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Thu Aug 31, 2017 08:04 PM

I vae read of and understand the threat of cardiac problems out of the use of hormone theraoy for treating Prostate cancer.  However I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 years ago and had my prostate gland removed with the "De Vinci procedure" at that time.  About 5 years later my PSA started rising again so I went through a course of radiation therapy which took the PSA back down to undetectable levels. Then 11 years after my prostate was remove my PSA had gone back up to three times what it was when my prostate was removed.  My urologist started me on Hormone therapy and made me fully aware of all the risks from side effects.  However after 6 months of hormone therapy I have experienced hardly any of the potential side effects, ( I do experience occasional hot flashes).  This week I had my first PSA test since starting Hormone therapy.  My results were that my PSA has again plumetted to 0.00 (Undetectable)  hallelujah for the hormone therapy.

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