Obesity Linked to 13 Types of Cancer

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Losing weight might lower the risk, researchers say



Thu Oct 12, 2017 07:30 PM

I never had a weight problem (has not changed more than 5 lbs in 50 years) but I do know a major cause of obesity is the most dangerous addictive drug in the world - SUGAR. Because of my prostate cancer I did a lot of experiements.  With two herbs I was able to diminish the cancer to barely noticable (no pain, less frequent urination), but with a three time test I learned the cancer will continue to increase if I use sugar and/or any dairy products.

Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:30 PM

If being 5 pounds over what life insurance companies in 1930s deemed ideal, then no one at "normal" weight will ever devwlop cancer. Interesting that I had tests done in 2001. Result, did not have cancer & doctor saidd I was not going to get cancer. To prove that fact, dr. said I was mentally ill for demanding surgery. Wonder how come I was diagnosed with metastised stage IV cancer in 2013? Guess it was my over active imagination back in 2001  when I was stupid enough to demand surgery for non-existent cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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