Health Tip: Considering Genetic Testing For Cancer?

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Sat Oct 20, 2018 06:00 AM


I am 35 years old lost my husband at 43 years, after 7 months battling,bladder Cancer metastasis to bones. His mother died of breast cancer,her sister died of colon cancer and niece (breast later metastasis to lung),my husband's grand mother(mom side) died of cancer(but so many years back, none of that age group is alive,I heard in her last days used to heavy bleed with stool).

My father in law died of liver cancer, one of his sister had a tumor in bone later cured completely after treatment , and another sister died of esophagea. 

From my side my metarnal aunt died of liver cancer.

I have a daughter 11 years and son 3 years old.

Shouldn't I be worried? And where may I do the genetic test for my children??

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