Dietary Supplements Do Nothing for You: Study

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If you're popping dietary supplements in the hope of living longer, a large new study suggests you'd be better off investing that money in nutritious foods.


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Thu Apr 18, 2019 09:22 PM

That advice may be valid for the general population, but may be poor advice for those who hang out on a cancer forum.

In my own experience, as an old guy who has lost a spouse. the thought of eating made me gag, which resulted in losing 70 lbs and ending up in the hospital for a couple months to teat malnutriton. When I left the hospital, I was assigned a multivitamin, and B100 complex to start my day. From there on, my diet consisted of irresistible garbage food supplemented my stuff like Ensure. In two months I have gained 14 lbs, and I have slowly manged to get back on a regular diet. And my lab tests came out the best they have been in years!!  We are not all mere clones, and no scenario fits all.

Just my observations as a reluctant member of the cancer community.

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