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Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine, also called Psychoneuroimmunology or PNI, helps people with cancer, and their loved ones, explore and experience what is unique to them at all levels of their being - body, mind and spirit. In concert with traditional medical therapies, Mind-Body Medicine offers a range of individual and group learning opportunities to bring the forces of mind and spirit to bear on healing at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Mind-Body Medicine is based on a relatively new area of care called Psychoneuroimmunology. "Psycho" refers to your thinking, emotions and mood states. "Neuro" refers to the neurological and neuroendocrine systems in your body. "Immunology" refers to your cellular structures and immune system. PNI explores the influence of your mind on your body and immune system. Using a variety of techniques, you direct your energies toward healing and health.

To learn more about psychoneuroimmunology, and other complementary therapies that can be used in cancer treatment, please take the time to explore our site and helpful forums.

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