Cervical Cancer

Future Research

Some women who have received a cervical cancer diagnosis are treated in clinical trials. Doctors conduct clinical trials to find out whether a new cervical cancer treatment is both safe and effective and to answer scientific questions. Patients who take part in these studies may be the first to receive treatments for cervical cancer that have shown promise in laboratory research. Some patients may receive the new treatment while others receive the standard approach to cervical cancer treatment. In this way, doctors can compare different therapies. Patients who take part in a trial make an important contribution to cervical cancer research and medical science. They may have the first chance to benefit from improved treatment methods.

Clinical trials of new treatments for cervical cancer are under way. Doctors are studying new types and schedules of radiation therapy. They also are looking for new drugs, drug combinations, and ways to combine various types of treatment. If you are interested in taking part in a cervical cancer trial you should talk with your doctor.

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