I'm well, but I'm concerned

No matter the source of your concern, asking the right questions can give you the information you need to take control of your health.

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Questions to ask your doctor

1. What are the risk factors for liver cancer?

2. I believe/know that I am at a higher risk of developing liver cancer (e.g., severe cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B and C):

  • Do you think that screening would be appropriate for me?
  • What tests would you recommend?
  • What are the limitations and risks of screening?

Next steps

1. Get regular check-ups. If you are at a high risk for liver cancer, which means you have severe cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis B or C virus infections, your doctor may recommend you get screened or regularly monitored for liver cancer.

2. Know your course of action. If you do decide to get screened, make sure you have a plan in place should you test positive.

3. Get a hepatitis B vaccine. If you haven’t already, get the vaccine that protects against hepatitis B, the number one cause of liver cancer.

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