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Participating in a Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials

Learn more about how clinical trials are conducted in Your Guide to Cancer Care.

Participating in a Clinical Trial Clinical trials are research studies that test new treatments. Because liver cancer is currently hard to treat effectively, many doctors encourage you to consider taking part in a clinical trial. Many of today’s standard treatments for liver cancer were first tested in clinical trials, and many promising new drugs for liver cancer were first tested in clinical trials.

Sorafenib (Nexavar), a drug that had previously been only used to treat kidney cancer, is one example. Sorafenib is an example of a targeted therapy that helps stop the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors. More drugs, like sorafenib, are currently being studied and tested in clinical trials to see their effectiveness in treating liver cancer.

Clinical trials are an important option for people with all stages of liver cancer. You can find out more about available clinical trials on the National Cancer Institute’s website.

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