Paracentesis after Liver Resection (Cholangiocarcinoma &Chemo Treatments)

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Paracentesis after Liver Resection (Cholangiocarcinoma &Chemo Treatments)

by monicawoler on Thu Aug 03, 2017 05:55 PM

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My 82 year old Mom had a liver resection and 6 cycles of chemo (Cis-Gemzar). She has been feeling really sick - 6 weeks post last treatment, not able to eat, weak, BP very high, sometimes dizzy, unpredictable bowel issues - has not been going out of the house.  PetScan reported "moderate ascites, mild hypermetabolic uptake associated with ascitic fluid suggesting malignant ascites, no solid tumors or infiltration"

Asked Dr what teh SUV # is, as I have read that anything over 2.7 is considered malignant.  He was not able to provide that detail.  Dr. does not seem too concerned, however I read that this could indicate cancer of the peritoneum which sounds pretty serious.  Plus my Mom is having many symptoms of that.

She did have parencentesis yesterday and we are awaiting the results.

Can anyone offer any info that might be helpful?

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