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Calories are Critical

by soonermom on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:31 AM

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My husband lived on VHC Boost, 540 cal in 8oz ordered from Amazon during treatment and on food I blended in the Vitamix during the very difficult first weeks post treatment.  For him, a PEG tube was a life saver but people seem to have very strong feelings both ways about PEG tubes.  He had it out less than 4 months after treatment ended.  He can still swallow so don't fear that having one means he won't be able to swallow.  It is a very, very hard road but you will make it through to brighter days.  I second all the advice on here.  Medications to manage side effects are your friend though they can create their own issues as well.  Get IV fluids as needed.  Speak up to your treatment team about any and all concerns you have.  Count calories and fluids.  They matter in the recovery process.  

RE: In search of Tips & Tricks

by mtkjohn1 on Tue Aug 28, 2018 03:58 AM

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The PEG tube saved my life, and really helped with making the treatment more managable and recovery so much quicker

Memeorial Slone did not give me an option ( my oncoligist was my freind and said it is how he would treat his children and his Mother!!!  good enough for me

1. the more water you can take the faster you can flush out all the dead cells tahe TX is creating.

2. the more prorien and nutrients you get in your body the faster you can heal and rebuild it!!

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