dont know what way to turn

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RE: dont know what way to turn

by UrologyCare on Sat Feb 17, 2018 09:21 AM

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On Feb 12, 2018 5:26 PM shellie12 wrote:

Was wonderig if anyone can give me some advice my uncle whos 81 has prostate cancer and into bones in parts..he has a cathiter in  and thank god hes doing good the last bloods they none his calium was good his blood was 12.4  white cells good and even a bone test showed a rise from before so dr was very happy with him...but problem is he is so hard to get him to drink water. if i get him to drink 3 pints a day thats about it i do dips and try to keep infections away. the nuurse said the cathiter could come out , this is the problem. he is a very nervious person and he does not want it out . as in before he aways runs to the toilet trying to make himself well as that the uroligist to get him up and let him walk away hes on zoladex every 3 months ..another problem is  all he wants to do is lay in bed hes one of those ppl that if he has a sore head he takes to bed..always has.. he has not been for a walk outside the house from oct ..says he does want to catch the cold... I have high axniety levels and am getting worst as there is no working with him .. can anyone give me some advice  pppl have tryed to talk to him but it goes over his head everyone can see how far down i am  he doesnt ....i nevr go out as i dotn wanta be leaving him on his own .. sorry of am ranting a bit 

I can understand the situation that you and your uncle are going through but here the important thing is to solve the problem in the best possible way. My advice is that you should get help from your family members especially close relationships with your uncle, friends, relatives, and caregivers (counselors) because they all help your uncle to fight the prostate cancer. 

Hope the answer helps.


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