In 2015, three years after I was dx with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer (two pelvic bone mets, PSA 19, G8), I discovered Dr. Shamsuddin's book "IP6 and Inositol" in my search for anticancer natural supplements. IP6 is a molecule found in every cell of our body. It occurs naturally in many sources, especially cereals, nuts, and legumes. I started taking IP6 powder available over-the-counter at health food stores or online. Within seven weeks it impacted my PSA level and the nodules once palpable on my prostate.

I have mentioned IP6 (aka "inositol hexaphosphate", "phytate", "phytic acid") before in my posts. This past week I received two updates: 

"Hey CalBear,

Just wanted to let you know I decided to give IP6 and the supplements you suggested another try. I had tried the IP6 prior to my June blood test and it didn't seem to slow the rise in my PSA.

I started in the second week of July...taking 12 scoops of IP6 plus supplementing with the milk thistle and some of the other supplements you suggested. I didn't take the large dosages that you are taking...rather I just took the normal recommended dosages of each...twice daily. I usually just eat two main meals a day.

My July blood test showed a surprising drop in my PSA. My PSA had been doubling each month..starting early this year. My MO dropped Zytiga for me as it seemed to be no longer effective.

I started Radium 223 treatments on June 29, but my MO informed me that it would not likely help with my PSA. I expected my PSA to have doubled once again, but instead it had dropped a bit which was a very nice surprise.

Thank you for the info about the IP6 and supplements!"

The next message also provides exciting news with different indicators:

"Good Morning CalBear74,

I hope you are feeling well and doing great! Just a quick update. Further great news last week I had my second Lupron shot and a DRE. The doc informed me that "the two nodules on my prostate were gone and the surface was smooth." PSA down to 0.40 from 55 PSA three months ago! IP6 & the Beta Glucan worked well and it should keep me alive in the coming years for sure. Thanks"

Note the reference to beta glucan. I recommend the natural immunomodulator beta glucan with resveratrol and vitamin C, per Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka's recommendation in the third edition of his "Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret". Only one dose permitted a day. Dr. Vetvicka does not recommend any brand of beta glucan but his research shows that Tranfer Point's Beta 1,3-D Glucan, #300 is by far the most potent compared to other glucans, including those from Asia derived from mushrooms and seaweed.

I felt the above information was very encouraging and should be shared. Why hasn't there been a large clinical trial with IP6? (Beta glucan is being tested as adjuvant therapy in a number of clinical trials nationally.)

Dr. Ivana Vucenik, a colleague of Shamuddin at the Univ. of MD. Medical School, addresses this issue in a chapter in a text for layman on IP6 "Too Good to be True?" You will gain insight into the politics of cancer drug testing at NCI.

My last PSA test at the urologist in March was 0.06. My treatment still consists of only 6-month Lupron (the Casodex was dropped by my FL urologist when we moved here in 2016). I am not yet resistant. My current intake of IP6 has gone up from 12 scoops to 16 scoops a day in two divided doses. I take a large number of supplements, the most important being European milk thistle, curcumin-turmeric, berberine (Metformin equivalent), red yeast (Lovastatin equivalent), quercetin, capsaicin, alpha-lipoic acid, and green tea extract.

If you want any additional detail on how to take IP6 successfully (a few simple requirements to prevent molecular binding), just message me.