Post Thyroid Questions

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Post Thyroid Questions

by Bondo on Sun Apr 29, 2018 02:35 PM

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Hey Gang.  I had a couple of questions that I cant seem to get answered.  I had my Thyroid removed on March 30, Good Friday (hmm).  Im one month post now. I still have a hard knot at the wound area. Its not much, it has reduced quite a bit, but still there.  I have heard different things about that. Is it to early to rub and massage that area? And if so, what type of massaging should I do? 

Question 2.  How long before the voice comes back to normal?  I am still a little raspy and I cannot yet speak very loud.  The Doc says he really didn't disturb the vocal cords so there shouldnt be an issue. I am a Professional Opera Singer, so I'm kind of worried. JK. This is a great site and support group.  Appreciate any feed back.  Blessings


RE: Post Thyroid Questions

by Dharma56 on Thu Jan 10, 2019 09:21 PM

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Hi Bondi,

I am 12 months post op and I was told to massage about 3 weeks after with light pressure with two fingers. If the lump persists get an ultrasound. 

Regarding the voice,I still have gained full range in my voice, I am not a singer but a friend of mine who is tells me to keep practicing the high notes whenever I can and retrain the vocal cords.

Good luck on your journey 

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