Advanced Prostate Cancer

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RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by tomatoman on Sun Aug 05, 2018 02:02 PM

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On Jul 31, 2018 5:15 PM Meetha wrote:

Hello Mike I plan to destroy my lesions through heat. Pl. compare the following methods. 1- your method of applying heat locally through a heated dumbbell. Or do you use a weight plate, which is flat and easier to lie on? Can we do it using a hot stone also? 2- By lying in a tub full of hot water? 3- Trough sauna 4- through a steam bath 5- hot wet towels 6- through heat pads filled with millets or any other round seeds and warmed in a microwave oven. These take shape of the body. 7- electric heat pads Thanks. Meetha.

1.  I use a 2.5 lb steel weight which is part of a dumbell set, about four inches diameter, 3/4" thick.  A stone may work but it may cool off faster.

2.  The temperature is what kills the  cells, not the method. A tub of water may be useful for deep pelvis lesions or other spots that require longer periods of time.  

3. Sauna seems to me to affect only the outer skin.  The body naturally cools by circulating blood through the tissues.

4. Steam  bath I don't know the temperature.

5. Hot wet towels I dont know but it seems to me the temperature would be hard to control.

6. Millets or seeds seem like they would lose their temperature faster than steel.  I think the density is related to the heat loss.  A steel weight like I use cools from 150 to 110 over a 10 minute period.  A stone might cool over five minutes.  A bag of seeds might cool more rapidly, over a few minutes.  I don't know exactly.

7.  I have tried heat pads.  I have slept on heat pads which is not recommended, but I had no success.  I don't know why it did not work.  Temperature rose to 140 and stayed there for an hour or more, but I experienced no noticeable benefit.  I cannot explain that.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by Meetha on Wed Nov 28, 2018 01:24 PM

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Hello Mike How are you doing pal? How is your heat therapy and lycopene going? You are inspiring people like me. After doing fine for almost 9 months after Lu177, I am experiencing stiffness and pain in my right groin. Maybe a lesion is raising its head again. I plan to kill it with your method, using heat. I have bought a tub for soaking. I need clarification on few things: 1- You have mentioned that one needs to treat a lesion for roughly one hour at 108 degree F to kill cancer. At some places, you have said that you use 110-150 degree F for a few minutes at a time? At other places, you've mentioned hot plate for 30 breaths without a break. Now please clarify, why these different time and temperature protocols? Are they different for different type or place of lesions? 2- You have mentioned at a few places that you do heat therapy on every other day But, at other places, like hot water on skull , you repeat it many times? Please clarify this too. Please suggest which protocol out of these would be suitable for me. For local heating, I am finding a bag filled with millets and microwave heated, most appropriate as it takes the shape of circular groin joint and stays warm for at least 15 min. 3- How do you get to know the depth of lesions? 4- I get to know the location and spread of my lesions only through a PET scan. You have mentioned that the X-ray showed no lesions on skull after the heat therapy. Can a simple X-ray show that? That would be much safer with lesser radiation and can be repeated more frequently unlike PET, which can't be before 6 months. I wonder why doesn't my doctor do that instead of a PET. I would appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot Kind regards Meetha.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by tomatoman on Fri Dec 07, 2018 01:40 PM

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I'm sorry to say I am not very able to answer your questions but I will try.  First, my PSA level has continued to rise, from 8.3 in June to 11.6 in August to 12.8  in November.  Doc has held off treatment which he suggests is hormone therapy.  He likes to monitor my blood, and it seems the white blood cell counts seem to be normal and actually improving which is encouraging.  the PSA rise is disturbing but lately could be leveling off.  Will test again in Feb.

In the meantime the PT scan in September showed nothing for metastasis.  So that is good but the doc doesn't want to treat something he cannot see.

As for my pain I seem to have a couple of mild pain spots, one in left back lower rib area and other mild headaches, locating always on my skull behind left ear.  This worries me a lot and I am kind of into a routine with hot showers on that area of my skull and left back approximately every other day.  The hot showers seem to eliminate the pain temporarily but it seems to return after two days.  I also use the hot weight on those two spots.

The spot between my shoulder blades seems to have gone away permanently.

As for the temperature differences you noted, I am trying, naturally, to avoid scalding.  A tankless water heater I bought recently has a table which shows that scalding can occur at 120F after five minutes; 130F after 2.5 minutes.  That gives you an idea of what temps to avoid.  I am usually taking the hot weight at about 140F and wrapping it with a paper towel, which seems to  cut the surface temperature down 10 degrees.  Also I apply it over a t-shirt which further cuts the surface temperature.  I usually proceed with what I feel, and back off if it feels too hot.  The internal temperature under my skin seems to heat up gradually and if I remove the heat it cools immediately due to circulating blood.  So at higher temps I tend to keep it short just because it feels too hot.  The plate gradually cools down so I keep applying it until it no longer reads over 108.  

As for groin area I think the weight can be placed in the groin area similarly but the depth under the skin becomes an issue.  Your tub soaking seems ideal if it can be kept over 108 for a long time.  

When I take a shower the temperature at the showerhead is pretty consistently at 110.  That is pretty hot and I try not to do it too long because I am afraid of killing my brain cells when I run it over my  skull.  I usually count to about 15 or 20 seconds with the heat full-on.  This results in elimination of my headache but the ache seems to return later.  

Of course this is all experimental and could be dangerous.  The medical people who use the heat therapy are going to be much more cautious to avoid damaging good cells and that is why they keep it lower and longer than I do. (108F for an hour vs 110-130F for two minutes). I am cautious as well but I can say I may have had some temporary loss of brain function due to my skull hot shower treatments.  I have had times when I seem to have mild difficulty with focus and attention, but it goes away after a night's sleep.  It could be that I am damaging brain cells but they regenerate.  I try to eat a lot of berries as I have learned that they assist in brain cell regeneration.  Also by doing it every other day it allows some time and sleep for regeneration.

I seem to be slowly deteriorating as indicated by the PSA rise.  But otherwise I am quite fine.

My white blood cell count in November was 7, up from 6.    Alk Phos has risen a bit from 90's to 101.  Those are normal readings.

I am increasing my lycopene intake lately with tomatoes and V8 Juice, 3-4 times per day.  

One thing I worry about is that the heat therapy may be pushing the PSA readings higher.  Not sure about that.  Also the lycopenes might cause white blood cells to increase.  Not sure of that either.  A lot of this is guesswork.

So Meetha, good luck and I hope this helps you.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by tomatoman on Sat Dec 08, 2018 09:30 PM

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A couple of things I forgot to  mention in my lasts post: I cook tomatoes and make soup with other things, like sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and other vegetables.  I have a small bowl of the soup with bread.  Also, I have not had any therapy since my lst Lupron shot back in June 2016, two and a half years ago.  I also eat a lot of black pepper.  I read somewhere that piperine in black pepper can kill prostate cancer cells.  I don't know if it is effective but it is possible that it helps to keep the PSA down by killing prostate cancer cells. I tend to eat a lot of protein mostly with chicken, also salmon and shrimp.  I avoid beef and pork completely.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by thomsor on Mon Dec 10, 2018 06:21 AM

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You poor thing.  My husband is using the Cellect-Budwig treatment.  His PSA was 33.  Took it to 19.

It's very strict and he cheats and it is expensive.

No sugar (feeds cancer).  Only greens, etc.

He drinks 3 glasses carrot juice a day, takes Cellect powder 6 times a day, uses the electromagnetic machine. Takes B17, fuoicidan, spirulina, and we eat greens (vegetables), liver flush.

It started to hurt when he peed but that went away after a week.

He quit booze.  Sugar is harder.  Not a lot of carbohydrates,

Seems very promising so far.

Can do with all the stuff you are doing.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by thomsor on Mon Dec 10, 2018 06:35 AM

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My husband decided to take alternative therapy.  Not only was his PSA at 33 but his Gleason score was high and 3 weeks into therapy he started having urinary pain.  I am happy to say that went away and his PSA is 19 which is actually lower than last year.  He has no pain.

Oh and he quit booze.

They sent him to radiation.  I found this.  He hasn't went yet and this seems to be working so far.

We are testing PSA every month. Doc Refused to operate on him because he is 86 which is a croc of you know what.  

Anyhow, so far the electromagetic therapy is working.  But I knew it would do something because years ago my husband was treated for a foot thing and it went away with this.  They slowly are using it for other things.  The FDA just approved it for depression.  Do not overcrowd the site.  You have to say you are using it for experimental purposes.  

And like other things, you also use carrot juice, green juice, no sugar, fruits and vegetables, few carbohydrates cellect powder, fuocidan, B17, liver flush.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by ToddlerFather on Mon Dec 10, 2018 08:26 PM

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I have metastatic thyroid cancer, and for its slow growth it's comparable to prostate cancer in some ways; one of it is it's lack of high sugar metabolism. 

This means that quitting sugar seldom makes such a cancer go away... sugar has other drawbacks so I'm not saying to keep taking it, but my experience was that everything in my health  but the cancer improved. 

So far, the only thing that worked was LDN, Low Dose Naltrexone... no side effects, cheap to buy, and was very effective in my case. More on that:

Initially I combined it with high-dosage Vitamin D (5,000 UI /day_; now I'm also taking alpha-lipoic acid, but it's too soon to tell if it will make a diference in this fight. 

So while chemo and radiation are not the only ways, there are other meds. 

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by thomsor on Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:24 AM

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If this doesn't work, then we'll be sure to try that.  However, this is really throwing the book at it.   Doing one thing is putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak.  They list 3 of the things he's doing as cancer fighting:  carrot juice, electromagnetic therapy, hawaiian astelin.  The fuoicidan is brown seaweed, the cellect is immune support.  The liver support is essential because the liver has to process the food.  The green drinks are another support.  All I can say is that his psa went from 33 to 19 in 1 1/2 months.  Prior to going to 33, his PSA was 22 for a long time.  They say sugar feeds cancer so he tries to stay away from it.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by thomsor on Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:31 AM

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How long have you taken it and what are the results?

He was on the dirt cheap therapy for three weeks and has been on this therapy for 3 weeks.  So, going from a PSA and a high gleason score to 19 is not bad to start.  It's not cheap though but it promises a 3/6 months cure with only a few supplements to take as maintenance.


RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by thomsor on Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:37 AM

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Here is research on the magnetic therapy.  Since we are body electric, it is natural that electrical magnet therapy would work.

Since this was written the FDA has approved this for depression.

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