Carcinoid in liver has triggered ascites (Anyone relate?)

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Carcinoid in liver has triggered ascites (Anyone relate?)

by tthams on Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:50 PM

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I my dad was diagnosed in July of 2013 with Carcinoid cancer. They found the primary site in the small intestine, but it had already spread to the liver before removal of the primary site. Doctors informed us this year in 2018 that his cancer has spread to his hip bone, which is causing my dad to struggle as he walks.

He had a partial splenectomy in April of 2018 to help with his white blood count level. Since then his body has come down with ascites. This is where his stomach starts to fill up with fluid. He has lost a lot of weight since then. He has already had three needle taps to drain his fluid from May to June in 2018. On average he seems to be draining 4-5 liters per week here in June. All over the Internet shows that this is that start of the end stages of his liver. Doctors say he has cirrhosis of the liver, and his liver it working really hard to keep going.

I have read on the Internet that when carcinoid spreads to the liver from the intestine, his 5 year survival rate is around 14% according to . My dad is entering year 4. Yet I read all these posts of people living with carcinoid that has spread to the liver for 10 plus years. Are there people out there that live with ascites and carcinoid, and if so how are you managing? I see my dad changing a lot in the last few months, and not for the good. My mind is starting to prepare for the worst. My dad is 67 years old. Any info is appreciated.

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