B17 - how much?

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B17 - how much?

by dreww84 on Fri Jul 20, 2018 04:50 AM

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My father was diagnosed three weeks ago with inoperable GBM, which has fairly quickly paralyzed his left side and effected his speech. He has begun the standard treatments, but my family and I would like to get into some home remedies as an addition. I have studied B17 the last few days, and as a pretty affordable option compared to others out there, we felt it was worth a try.

My question is, how much of this stuff is too much without it being toxic? I ordered a bottle of the 100mg capsules from Apricot Power, as I felt like taking baby-steps a little at a time to see if he has any side effects was a better approach than just throwing 500mg capsules at him right away. I realize there's no guarantee this will work at all, but again, it's $23 to give something a try. But does he need a lot of it, or would 100-200mg a day potentially provide a benefit? There seems to be a lot of varying opinions on B17 - some say 20-30mg is a toxic amount, while others claim to take three 500mg capsules a day without any side effects.

RE: B17 - how much?

by Lauriel84 on Tue Apr 02, 2019 05:53 AM

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For positive effects the recommended dose of Vitamin B17 in Alternative Cancer Therapies is 5 capsules (350 mg each capsule) per day. In total 150 capsules per month (1pacK).

The treatments has to be done 4 to 5 months continous.

The most important thing is to be 100% natural Vitamin B17. 

Our grandfather is still under this therapy and we continue to supply him with Vitamin B17 Casinovita.


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