False positive reading Prostate PSA numbers

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False positive reading Prostate PSA numbers

by jchris2 on Fri Aug 31, 2018 03:33 AM

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I have had head/neck cancer radiation ending in March 2016. I had my prostate removed in 2010 by the DiVinci robot.

In 2016 January my PSA count began to rise quickly. In March it was up to .49 then about a month later it droppred to .36. (It is supposed to be in the .02 rage) The doubling rate rose quickly.

My urologist did some research and found that maybe, just maybe the increase was/is due to radiation on my parotid gland located in front of my ears. (Collateral damage)

Huh? What?

He told me that PSA is found in the parotid gland and the pancreas and it can create false positive readings even leading to false readings in metasticize.

I was and still am confused about this finding. I have started doing some research on my own. Here is one of the sites I have found;


There are more recent sites on this topic. I try to find valid sites for sound research information.

Prior to this my oncologist recomend 35 radiation treatments and/or hormonal treatments. Now it's 'Wait and See'.

Maybe this finding can help other men from having unnessary treatments. Ask your doctor and do your homework. He may not know of this research.

There is so much material coming out that often we can't keep up with it.


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