Major surgery and I am not even diagnosed?

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RE: Major surgery and I am not even diagnosed?

by pip1948 on Tue Nov 13, 2018 04:49 PM

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I am sorry for your news.  I am surprised that the pulmonary specialist felt that your lungs were in good enough shape for surgery, but the surgeon didn't?  When my pulmonary specialist recommended the surgeon, that was like, his OK.  I guess different hospital system, work differently. 

Well, I have had surgery, and came home on the fourth day after.  It has been 18 days and I am doing really well. Not as well as some other people have said that they have done, but at my post op visit, the doctor is very pleased. 

I had the best lab results that I could have, 1a, no cancer showing in any lymph nodes. No further treatment recommended. I am very happy that I did the surgery. 

So now it is just getting over the surgery, which I am doing well. I mean yesterday I was up all day and didn't even take a nap. I am doing laundry, and fixing my own food, and cleaning the kitchen. So, pretty good.

Other than my doctors appointment I have not gone out of the house. I have a bra problem. My incisions are right on my bra line, and I can't tolerate a bra. That is a lot of the reason that I haven't tried to go out. I am a very large busted woman and just going without is not OK.  I have ordered something that I am hoping will work, to give some support and not hurt. It should arrive tomorrow. I just hope that it works! 

What exactly are they recommending for treatment for you? 

RE: Major surgery and I am not even diagnosed?

by marti152 on Tue Nov 13, 2018 09:20 PM

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I just wanted to comment that I too had the same surgery for stage 3b lung cancer. I have had no treatment afterwards because they said lymph nodes came back clear and the tumor board decided that it causes more complications to do mop up chemo and radiation that it cures. So the good news is I hit my five year mark next months and I am ecstatic. 

I was home after four days and I was for the most part fine. I could not bend from the waist down though. I came home with drain tube and that tube drove me crazy. 

I went through the same thing with bra and only recently have been able to wear one all day. But i have lost 20 pounds. I ended up buying those comfort bras because of really soft bands and I stitched up the shoulders tighter because they have no support really but the girls needed a bit higher view of the world. Those I can wear but oh, under my breast and my drain tube drove me crazy. Not pain, just irritation. I also have incision under my armpit and on my back.

I too did the pulmonary exam and the heart exam. Surgeon told me up front he would not do surgery if I did not meet certain critieria beause for this surgery, you have got to be able to breath without any complitcations. COPD is what he was referring to. 

So, all in all, for these past five years I have gone at the required intervals for my ct scans and I have been clean which is always good news.

I wish you well in your recovery and yes, I consider myself very very lucky. 

I wish you success in your search for a "comfort" bra. Take care.    

RE: Major surgery and I am not even diagnosed?

by pip1948 on Sun Nov 25, 2018 01:38 PM

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I somehow missed your post, I guess? 

I am now almost a month out from surgery, I finally had to get off all pain medication, it was causing stomach problems big time, for me. Once off of it, I realized that my level of activity had a lot to do with the pain meds. So, once I started to really feel the discomfort and pain, I was not so productive. 

I think that it is getting better, but I still have a lot of pain, and I get so fatigued! I will be moving a long doing something and it is like my bottom drops out. I can't count on myself to do anything? If that makes any sense? 

I read these posts where people go back to work in 2 or 3 weeks, and I can barely get out of the house!  I can't fathom going to the grocery store by myself right now, let alone to work?! 

I bought a camisole with cups in the front but no bra band, so the whole back of the camisole hold the weight of the breasts. I am large busted. It does help for a little while and then it starts hurt. 

But I have a strange pain, sensation, it feels like a way too tight bra on. It runs all along the side of my surgery, and half way across my chest. If I lay on my back it is worse, but it is always there. I also get a significant pain from time to time at the botton of my rib cage on the side of my surgery. 

I guess I am wondering where you were at a month out? And if you experieced any of these pains? 

Any help would be appriciated.


RE: Major surgery and I am not even diagnosed?

by Claity on Sat Dec 08, 2018 09:36 PM

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I had a partial lobectormy for pancreatic cancer metastasis to my lungs, but I suspect the surgery experience would be the same : I had left lower lobe VATS procedure. It is painful for awhile, the drain hole was actually my biggest pain problem and it did get infected, but was taken care of with antibiotics. The recovery was about 8 weeks, at that point still wobbly but functional. It took me about 12 weeks before I could wear a bra again or have anything rub against the area. I’m 73 BTW and agree with you about interventions. I did it basically as a biopsy because the punch biopsy that was done yielded no good results. And I think you’re right, doctors don’t know either. Perhaps we expect too much of modern technology. My advice if you choose to have it: accept help, accept pain pills, plan to be out of commission at least 2 months. It’s not a picnic but it is doable. Hoping that it will be completely respectable and you come out with many more unhospitalized years.

RE: Major surgery and I am not even diagnosed?

by pip1948 on Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:57 PM

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I guess I don't have this set up right or something, because it didn't notify me that there was a reply???

I really appreciate your post.  I have been feeling like I should be better than I am.  I still work part time and trying to decide when to go back to work?  I have kind of said that I will go back after Christmas, that will make it 2 months.

But am having a real problem with wearing a bra.  I found some ... I don't know what to call them, they really aren't sports bras but kind of like that.  Soft cotton and I can actually pull them down off of my bra line.  They don't do any lifting of my breasts but stop them from flopping all over the place. I am large breasted. But, I still have problems, I have to pull on them a lot to keep them off my bra line. I can't see myself sitting at my desk pulling at my underwear?! 

I am having what the surgeon tells me is nerve pain, around my bra line and between my breasts. She has now given me Lyrica ,as the Gabapentin was killing my stomach, and I do think it is helping. My stomach problems are getting better finally.  But it has take till now for that to happen. 

I got such good news after the surgery that I feel a little guilty for whining so much. 

I am 1A with no further treatment recommended, although, there were other things showing on my scans in the other lung, that were too small to even assess at the time. The Pulmonologist kept saying that they are probably nothing.  My reply was, " you don't that!"  So... I have a CT set for beginning of February and we will see if any of the little buggars are any bigger. 

I am beginning to see how people, are kind of sucked in to these awful treatments. The pulmonologist was just so happy about my lung capcity and the size of the cancer, because it was found so early.  He even said, " we don't see this very often."  I almost felt like if I had choosen not to have the surgery, I was being kind of ungratful.

But because of the lack of ability to diagnose they really don't know if these little blips on the other lung are actually primary cancerous tumors that just haven't grown big enough yet or not?  So, who knows what the future holds?

Your post has made me feel a lot better.  Trying to assess what I am up to doing and what I am not up to doing is very difficult for me. 

I was on another message board, where a woman said she went back to work in two weeks after surgery.  She was off all pains meds in two days. She just bounced back is how she put it.  The message board was this upbeat, all positive, to the point of giving people unrealistic expectations, I think.

I am not saying that she didn't do that, but I think if she did, she was an expection, not the rule. 

Anyway, I am doing better, still have this awful fatigue that just hits me and all I can do is lay down.  My doctors says it is normal. But, I can't count on myself to make commitments, like going to work. 

I was feeling good the other day and washed my kitchen cabinet fronts down. OMG!! that I night the nerve pain kept me awake all night and my right arm started aching and hurting. I try to push myself a little further every day, but I guess this time I went a little too far? 

Thank you for your feedback. 

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