Dad having cognitive issues advanced prostate cancer

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Dad having cognitive issues advanced prostate cancer

by jenharper on Sun Sep 09, 2018 09:27 PM

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My dad has advanced prostate cancer and is undergoing hormonal treatment. He's a pretty private person so I really don't know the exact drug he's on. He's been having lots of trouble remembering things and speaks slower and is harder to have conversations with. He seems more chatty but also interrupts sometimes in discussions. I want to support him, but these symptoms are really hard to watch and to deal with. Has anyone else experienced this or have family members who did? What did you do and was there anything your loved one did to minimize symptoms? 

RE: Dad having cognitive issues advanced prostate cancer

by genemyers on Sat Sep 15, 2018 03:41 AM

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Hormonal treatment can cause this, it is more common on chemo. This is tough to watch but tougher to do anything about unless you can go with your dad to the next doctor visit. If you can, you should ask the doctor to do something. 

A lot of this depends on a number of factors: how aggressive the cancer is, what your dads age is, was he in good or poor health prior to treatment, how long has he been on hormonal therapy.

So if your dad is on Lupron, the doctor may change to another drug in the same class of drugs, or depending on the cancer aggressiveness and his age, might change to an anti-androgen drug, or depending on the stage of the cancer might switch to Abiraterone acetate. A lot depends on the situation.

Alternatively, if your dad is responding really well to Lupron, the doctor may be willing to put your dad on a hormonal holiday, where the drug is stopped for a period of time because the cancer is under excellent control.

Best wishes


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