Chronic Prostatitis

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Chronic Prostatitis

by Wildwess1952 on Sun Oct 28, 2018 01:16 PM

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Hello My Urologist recently has diagnosed me what he considers chronic bacterial prostatitis I first starting experiencing a moderate burning sensation between my anus and testicles 5 months ago. I was given a a initial psa test which was 15.5. I thought I had prostate cancer because my previous psa reading going back years was under 1. My initial visit to my pcp she considered I has acute prostatatis. She conducted a urinalysis and found everything was negative ie bi Normal. She put me on cipro and referred me to a urologist He did. A cystoscope test and my bladder and urethra were normal. He did another urinalysis and urine culture and they also came back normal. He then took another psa test 4 weeks later and my psa droppt to 6.8. Another one 5,weeks later my psa had dropped to 2.1 He also did a CT scan and it came back normal. Also digital rectal exam he considered my prostate was slightly enlarged He then said it cannot be prostate cancer but considered it chronic bacterial prostatatis. He put me on a 3 week course of cipro. During this entire period I was still suffering with this burning sensation as described above and even after 3 weeks in cipro I still have it I need to get relief from this burning sensation Any suggestions would be appreciated

RE: Chronic Prostatitis

by genemyers on Thu Nov 22, 2018 06:25 AM

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My guess is you have viral prostatitis, not bacterial. Viral is much harder to treat and much more common. It tends to flare up and go away. If you had bacterial, the Cirpo would have had an effect on your symptoms and the urinalysis would have come back positive.

Viral prostatitis is not going to show up in a urinalysis, a cystoscopy, a CT scan, or DRE. These tests were looking for other stuff, which they did not find. The diagnosis of prostatitis is a diagnosis by excluding the potential other stuff and that is what is left.

I guess the good news is it may go away on its own with enough time. That does not help with your current discomfort, and also it may go away and come back later for no apparent reason.

I do not have a lot of tricks or tips on what to do about this. 

If it was me, I would do two things to try to find a solution:

Keep calling other urologists and look around to find other urologist that might have an answer for you; if you think your current doctor is not getting to the issue. If you are near a well-known university hospital with a urology program that might be a good place to go. It will probably take some time and effort and be hit or miss. Like I said it is not easy to treat.

Second I would pay for a one week subscription to $20 (USD) and get the papers and read all of the information on prostatitis. This may give you options that the doctors are not discussing with you. Believe it or not, doctors do not know everything in their specialty and cannot possibly keep up with all of the new information that is coming out that is practice changing.

This is just how I would approach the problem.

Best wishes


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