Post surgery nerve pain

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Post surgery nerve pain

by Leetah on Wed Nov 28, 2018 05:15 PM

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I had a wedge resection of my upper right lobe on Nov 13, 2018. Due to the surgery, I have a huge numb area on the right side of my upper abdomen, just below my breast. The numb spot is slowly shrinking, but in the meantime, while the nerves are trying to reconnect, I am getting random sharp pains in one particular spot in the center of the numbness.

I called the surgeon and asked to be put back on Gapapentin. I can deal with this during the day, but at night the shooting pain, which feels like a hot knife cutting me, wakes me up several times. They gave me a prescription, but it won't last long because the doctor said the medication can be habit-forming and won't let anyone take it for long.

I am currently on medical leave from work, but will be returning there in a couple of weeks. I desperately need sleep, and don't know how the daytime pain will affect me at work if I run out of meds.

Has anyone else run into the nerve pain situation before? If so, how long did your problem take to resolve? And what there anything you could do to ease the pain without prescription medication? Thanks!

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