CancerCompass Site Improvements

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CancerCompass Site Improvements

by Kelly_B_1 on Wed Dec 05, 2018 02:58 PM

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For those of you who haven’t met me (virtually or physically), my name is Kelly and I work on the CancerCompass team. 

After 16 years of connecting cancer patients and caregivers with each other to provide support and share knowledge, the CancerCompass team is assessing the community and working to determine how to make improvements for the future. As part of this effort, our team would very much like to know what you would like to see with the new site. In particular, I’d love to have you answer a few key questions in the comments below. 

1. How has CancerCompass helped you through your journey?
2. What do you like most about the CancerCompass experience?
3. What would you like to see different, or see added to CancerCompass? 

Our team is also looking to connect via phone and/or email to a few members to dig a bit deeper. If you’re interested in sharing your insights directly with the team, please comment below or send me a private message. We only need about 30-45 minutes of your time, but your insights will be a huge help. 


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