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by jsmerdy on Tue Feb 12, 2019 02:10 AM

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I'm so grateful to have found this board! Our 9yo border collie was diagnosed with TCC back in October 2018. Like so many of you, it started with what we thought was a UTI, her only symptoms were repeated squatting when we were out and she had one accident, which never happens with her.  After the antibiotics cleared up the bacteria but not the blood and she was still squatting, ultrasound confirmed the tumour in her bladder and urethra. She's on a protocol of Peroxicam, Essential oils both internally and topically, chinese herbs and a people food diet, mainly veggies and meat. The diet change alone made a huge difference in her energy level and also helped things like the contstant skin irritations she used to get.

Like so many of your babies, she is still eats like a demon and is up for  long walks and frisbee sessions. But we are starting to notice little things, like she 'asks' to go out to pee more often now, she squats for much longer than she used to, and this last week she's started pooping in the house, again not something we've ever had an issue with since she was housebroken as a pup.  She doesn't appear to be in pain, either peeing or pooping.

One question I have (like everyone) is about the end stages.  I travel a lot for work, and my husband is home with her.  When it gets to the end time does it go quickly?  One of my biggest fears is that she is going to go downhill quickly and I'll be away for the end.  I leave next week for 2 weeks and I'm terrified of this. 

Thank so much everyone, it helps to know there are others in the same boat.

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