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by Joheff on Tue Feb 12, 2019 04:35 PM

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I'm about to move to another state where I will have to access new doctors and a health Care system different from the one I've been a part of for the past 12 years. During this 12 years (I'm 68 now) my health issues brought me to an endocrinologist that took "my mother's advice to tell my doctor's" seriously about my "neck" radiation as an infant in 1950. My mother was an x-ray technician and worked for different GP's over the years. So, I'm assuming I was irradiated in one of their "clinics" where they had their x-ray machines set up. (So much for a class action lawsuit for me. These doctors and my mom are long gone!)

I have had a partial Parathyroid removal due to an adenoma, almost ten years with the hyperparathyroidism, and subsequent osteoporosis and upper back osteoarthritis. My other health conditions appear to be vascular, as well as digestive system issues and I don't know if they are related in anyway. I am now being monitored for increasing thyroid nodules; that increased the year following the Parathyroid surgery. I take low dose synthetic thyroid to " shut down" an apparent overly active thyroid (per the endocrinologist). 

I took a hair analysis test a year after the Parathyroid surgery. Was surprised to see uranium levels off the chart; indicating either present exposures of radon or?/ Or a one time exposure to massive levels of radiation.

I consider myself very lucky so far that there's been no cancer to contend with; just nodules or benign growths on adrenal cortex, one ovary (had both removed), and the thyroid.

My biggest concern now is changing doctors and having to once again manage most of my own medical care for monitoring these things. I'm pre-diabetic and have high LDL. All the GP wants to monitor and keep advising me on now are these and the osteoporosis. 

Any peer reviewed medical studies/research publications that I can take with me to a new medical center would be very helpful. I welcome any referrals from you all who are in the same circumstances due to former medical missmanagement in infancy. 

I think about all of you as you also post on this blog. We are a large group!  It's a comfort somehow to know I'm not alone with all this. 

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