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by DragonBoater on Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:22 PM

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I've been taking an artemisinin supplement during the latter half of my chemo cycles.  You can easily buy it on Amazon.

11 weeks into treatment for Stage IV gastric cancer, my CT scan yielded some very positive results, with lymph nodes normalized, stomach thickening significantly reduced and no sign of spread within my liver or to other organs.

Can't know for sure whether the artemisinin is helping or it's just my chemo working, but I'll keep going with it.

Some links to scientific studies:

Some information on how it works, by reacting with iron in cancer cells:

RE: Artemisinin

by jesichashope on Wed Feb 13, 2019 03:18 AM

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I am going to put more on the Artemisinin than the chemo. I have seen many that have used it with tremendous success. There is a study where it is used with another supplement to boost it's benefits. If you PM me I can get that study with the name of the supplement used. 
There is a cancer center that uses it as an adjunct to the whole treatment because of it's benefits. Also children with leukemia can be saved.  
Great to see you improving. 

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