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by mtkjohn1 on Mon May 27, 2019 03:01 PM

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Well the title says it all!! Eleven years ago today I had my last Rad Treatment , and started the journey towards a New Normal. I am not saying BACK to my life, because we never can go back in Time to anytime we have experienced. Now I did not feel this way 11 years ago, I thought at the end of treatment I would rent a hall and have a Huge  party to thank all the people that helped me through treatment ( especially the 80 people the volentered to drive me 2.5 hours each way to my treatments! But that did not and has Not happened , I have thanked them all individually and helped many people with there journey through cancer.

If I can pass anything on to people on this journey, Take it slow and be a GOOD patient, there is No easier softer way!! First find the treatment that works for you ( all the information in on the web) But do not listen to Peoples reviews of the treatments , we all react Differntlly, Read what the treatment does and how cells and body parts are effected , Especially with reguard to Radiation ( that is the one that has the Long term side effects. There is really no way around some of them ( Its the Price of Admission)

It takes weeks and Months to feel  better, not Hours and days.

happy memorial day weekend to all who are on this journey :-) I am here for any questions, that people may have, will allways help, over 11 years too much for one post


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