Sex - Post-Treatment for HPV+ Neck Cancer

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Sex - Post-Treatment for HPV+ Neck Cancer

by DC-Wolverine on Thu Jun 06, 2019 06:57 PM

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Hi Everybody!

I'm 48, 3.5 years out of treatment for HPV+ squamos cell carcinoma with primary on right tonsil and spread to lymph nodes in neck. Surgery + radiation.

I recently exited a monogamous relationship that pre-dated my cancer diagnosis.

As I begin dating again, I find myself anxious about risks of giving someone else HPV or exposing myself to HPV. I realize I don't really know what the risks are at this point. Clearly, cancer has made me skittish.I would assume I likely still have HPV in my body despite my surgery and radiation. There is no test for HPV in men.

I know most sexually-active adults - especially those old enough to have missed the vaccine - have been exposed to/have had HPV in their body at one time or another. So the likelihood of me exposing it someone for the first time in my age range (40+) is relatively low.

Am I putting sexual partners at risk? Am I increased risk of a recurrene or new cancer if exposed to others' HPV, because of my past and permanently weakned immune system? My white blood cell counts seem to be chronically low, even 3+ years out of treatment, and I don't know why.

Bottom line - Do I need to worry about this? Do my partners?

Any clarification anyone can provide would be appreciated. I have not been able to find an online sourcewho can answer these specific questions.

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